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Little reason exists for us
to stay the course of want
Much is to be said for
our turning toward Home
The green and blue orb
we haunt
The drum's have been drumming
Down the blacktop they've been coming
Don't resist, change their minds toward peace
Don't turn away and run
stay and face the stream
The river follows
rise with it
Tell them plans are useless
without the whole dream
It does not bend
to fear's might
So turn them back
into the sun's light

When first they came
we knew
When next they enter
we must, too

Their destruction
we shall cease
The foul obstruction
shall not be
We're the stewards
they, the destroyers
Industry's tormentors
inventors of indifference

Stand up
prepare to clear
the barbed fence
Steady your legs
for more than plans
Head up, spirit whole
One, now dance

We are on the way
children leading our way
Cherubs and Angels
Love's breathing sway
The beasts of noise
won't stand a chance
Not against
God and Love's dance
Not against
Love and (H)eartH's dance
Not against
Not against
Not against

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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© 2016 Mark Richard Prime