Haven't I wept enough?

Haven't I wept enough?

This river has come undamned!

Wait no more!

Love is in Me,
Peace and I agree,
Laughter sought now,
Forgiveness somehow,
God, set Me free of me
I've wept enough for my sins,

I need to begin!
I needed all to be forgiven,
Saved from ignorance,
I've climbed out of the cavern of want and surfaced in your original altar-

(I don't know what that means?)

Oh hush your damnable lies!
You pretend too damn much, brother and sister!

Your Christ speaks through Me now! Listen!

He is not alone!

No more of your prideful and selfish charade!

You needn't pretend anymore that you know anything of what awaits the collective!

Enough of your foul use of Christ's brother, enough use of yourself and all others!

Pious and rigid you repeat your selective verse, it's perverse, it begs its own worth, collapses under the story's girth!

(Are you angry? Are you packing heat?)

STOP YOUR IGNORANCE, CHURCH! The church is humankind ALL, not some sect or chosen few! We have been choking on pride for so long the thread's frayed and we're afraid, Love fallen off its display, Peace hanging there beckoning from your foul instrument of self-torture hung there like agony's reflection of those that poured the divine water over our grace!

Trust me Church of Humankind, the altar is not a cross, it's a circle, Home fits the bill, where it started, where the Heart(H) is still.

Sleep your pride,
Close both eyes
And open up your third,
This story unfolds
It doesn't end,
it begins
again and again,
beyond your self-righteous slickness,
your charade,
your scheming,
stop your damnable dreaming!

The children are screaming!
Mothers being broken by War!
Father's being made to shatter Love!
The Collective cannot stand much more!

Stand down your greed, Church!

Stand down your war machine!

Stand down your foul oppression!

Stand down your hunger's reach!

Stand down your rage against Love, Forgiveness and Peace.

~Mark Richard Prime

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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