Freedom is a word
That has its essence within it

Slavery is a word
That hasn't Freedom within it

Here I am
Come and get me
Or come at me
One in the same


Lit by the sea
Doused by the sun
Not alone, not empty
The biggest number
The only number

The moon is nearing full
The howl getting closer
Coming around
Park bench-

(Hey! Over here! It's Me!)

The moon rising with the sky
Sky of stars
Shooting car
Far far far away
Strawberry lemonade
Water's free
Lemon's too
Sugar'll cost ya
Where ya going?

(Home! Only made a quarter! One measly quarter!)

It's not about how much
It's about the joy of lemonade
No joy unless you give it away
Still, sugar is costly

(Not as costly as sorrow or pride or hate or tomorrow.)

Lemonade stand

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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