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"Sometimes you get the Bear and sometimes the Bear gets you..."

I looked at Kiwi with wonder as her tiny shell tore into that pair of innocent big dogs yesterday with a rather daunting savagery from such a sweet creature. It was a sight to behold.

I now realize that it was a spiritual thing that had occurred instinctually in her, an instinct for the betterment of the whole. She was trying to tell them (and by extension, Me) that they'd come to the wrong driveway, and that those using me for sport had/have bitten off far more than they could/can possibly have chewed.

Kiwi, a most loving and gentle creature, chased them away with great authority because she loved them and knew they wanted little to do with the spirit that had, the night before, been brought forth through another innocent, the physically old and worn, a manipulated spirit that had been treated like a pariah, a good man who had been used by the dark spirit of the deceitful schemers for far too long. The reason? To tote their intentions against the truth like cowards.

Then there was that flip-side, the young spirit who used the sadness in him and used his own flesh and selfish tendencies against himself. I had to send him and all that had been placed within him out of this space, out of Me. We had all been used by the cowardly who imagined beyond doubt that their story was unfolding instead of the truth.

"Sometimes you get the Bear and sometimes the Bear gets you."

You should have thought it through, lowly spirits, you were also tossed from my place and from within Me like two innocent big dogs high tailing it over the curb as if frightened children fleeing War's wrath. And for that, you and the much younger manipulator and manipulated had to go, had to be tossed from their puppeteer's hidden roost and tossed from within Me at the same time.

Should have thought it through, self-righteousness. You should have welcomed the truth that still unfolds within Me instead of trying to own it. You should have evolved instead of tumbled, blind to both.

Fear not, all's Forgiven. I'd say that not only makes you both most fortunate, but Me too, We too, for without Forgiveness, We are all doomed.

There was little choice, but for me to send them, (her and him) fleeing, dazed and confused, torn by their own reality of having been most sorrowfully used like fingerprints placed upon the spirit in order to twist the story in Me away from its truth and into the savage instinct of a beast fighting for its children, but none more so than the savage beast I tossed that waited within, built by those without Love's best interests at heart.

Please forgive Me, I had no other choice but to prove that evil "the devil" was/is manmade, born of humankind's greatest weakness, pride. Pride is nothing more than the ignorant allowance of belief that enters in by force and distorts the truth of our own smallness as individuals, until we are challenged forthrightly to flee or fight.

I thought I'd fight! Not with fists and feet (claws and paws), but by utilizing the Spirit born within that long ago had been sorrowfully whittled into an awful lie.

The old man staggered away and the siren's spirit with him, and I was emptied of any savagery that lingered from a longstanding use of humankind's manifestation of that which did not exist before We, the fearfully ignorant, manifested our bogeyman to profit off fear and misery. Like I said, nothing and no one is beyond being humbled by a fellow Queen and King. To imagine that we are beyond it is complete foolishness.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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