All politics are a sham. All.

We are trapped in our illusion of change coming from the halls of power, when change will never remain if we do not disconnect ourselves from the system that creates the illusion.

I'm here to change all of that. Here to open the hoodwinked eyes of our walking corpse.

All politics and all politicians are either groomed patriots , garishly costumed priests, corruptible weaklings concerned with flash and pitiable stories of their own struggles, surging old men and women who claim to understand the plight of their fellow man.

All scripted!

The worst damn reality show is the one that reflects an ignorance to the illusion of change by repeating the same exact thing and getting the same exact results and then somehow blaming those that don't participate in the damn illusion!


Come walk and talk with me, I can help, just ask. It will be worth your time to trust me.

Now... WAKE UP!

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


  1. I'm awake, surrounded by living Dead walking in their Sleep .. blind deaf and empty.


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