Your games are like child's play for what's coming.

Your charade is as stale as your pitiful excuse for stewardship!

Your act is a dis-ease made of self-loathing and money and it will not stand!

We're coming for the jokers and the weak-minded who prey on children with war, with abuse, with starvation, with toxins, with perversions of allowance and despicable lies!

We'll bring you to your knees and cleanse the rot from within your spirit.

Steady your legs, for you shall know the truth and you shall not rise in your pulpits of fear and greed.

Forgiveness is here and an introduction's needed in order to drop your self-righteous and lying jaws.

Hush your foul laughter. Hush your empty promises.

This is real, I am real, our entrance will be felt most by those who still believe their lies, even when faced with the truth of their own collusion with deceit.

We are legion.
We are prepared to act.
We are among you.
We are taking back what's been stolen.

Lucky I'm a forgiving scribe or you wouldn't stand a chance against the great many who've been deceived by you.

Mark Prime

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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