Why do we convince ourselves that the lie, no matter how slight it might be, is somehow better than the truth? It is truly the thing that becomes the roadblock in our way to seeking and perhaps even finding the truth. Overtime the little fib, the tall tale, the lie, becomes heavier and heavier, so heavy in fact, that the lie becomes the truth in our collective and lying eyes.

Truly though, it is the ultimate truth that has never been known to us. Does this mean that belief is a lie?

When we convince ourselves of something that is not the whole truth and nothing but the truth we find ourselves in a constant erosion of truth. Thank God then that it is a circle we traipse around on or we'd be sunk by the unfolding nature of deceit. Instead we find ourselves waking to a new truth, a new (H)eartH, a true Heaven. The key is to never forget, not memorize our mistakes only to again fall victim to their repetitive nature.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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