We have ourselves a conundrum.

The burden of proof is upon you, the truth unfolds within Me.

It is time to stop playing a desperate charade, upstairs and downstairs, out there and in here.

I wouldn't want to say you are the great liar, I'd rather help you out... the truth unfolds within.

Now do you see your burden?

Love and Peace are not some sport for your godawful prayers. Love and Peace shall not succumb to such sightless pleas. When you pray against, your prayers devour your own spirit and leave exactness breathless.

Stop. I am truly doing you a favor.

The spirit is my domain in the flesh. I know you're confused... I am here to help with that.

Actuality is now, not some believed beyond doubt reality.

I'm sure you will do your best to plan my failure, but I have to urge you to use caution if you continue to imagine the strings upon me are in your hands.

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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