dear Woman
you're floating above
like worship
we must hold you there
raise you up
in our thoughts
in our prayers
our flesh and bone care

the truth is, all women
are the essence
of Mother
and this
without resistance is
the truth of our beginning

you are all beautiful
not just to God
or (H)eartH
but to those like Me
those who seek
our own true worth

it is at our birth
we seek the light
come howling from
your loving nest
into ready arms
and nurturing breasts

we seek then to connect
for Love's sake
upon your pathway
our green breathing
our beginning

you are the pathway
back home for each
of our warm beginnings
through your flesh
through your spirit
through your red reach

woman, mother, daughter
sacred echoes of
life's new breathing

i humbly bow
as a son
a vacant father
a present brother
uncle, grandfather
i bow
to the power of woman

to the whole of Mother
i graciously applaud
the fullness of Mother
sacred angels

any that deny this truth
have yet to know God

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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