Dear Mega-Preachers, I am seeking answers...

If you don't mind, might I ask you nine hypothetical questions?

Thank you for your precious time...

1: If I were a shepherd with a flock and the flock and I were just "hanging on" until the supposed disintegration of this continent, then, logically speaking, we wouldn't be worshipping God or helping our fellow humankind, would we?

2: Wouldn't I be channeling, thereby sowing, fear among the flock, the opposite of my duty to stewardship?

3: If I said that God gave "us" this nation, though I knew that this land was taken by force, that millions of natives were slaughtered in order to obtain it, wouldn't I be a hypocrite and/or willfully and dangerously ignorant to the truth?

4: Wouldn't I be saying that God sanctioned the slaughter of millions to secure a land that I then declared as disintegrating because of everyone, but we Christian invaders?

5: Would you suggest that me and my flock lift ourselves from out of the rooted pew's and join the collective that are presently standing up for Home and all others? I mean, it beats any slick political/church maneuvering and pew sitting, right?

6: Would you suggest that we put our tax-free money to better use and feed, clothe and shelter those in need around and near where we live?

7: Would you also say that We do so without the expectation of having those in need hear my long in the tooth sermon or that they consider attending my mega-church?

8: Would you say that We should do so because it is what God asks of us upon the original altar of our breathing life?

9: Would you suggest that I tell my flock that it is clear as to our duty- to Love all, be with Peace in our hearts, judge not, forgive and be stewards of Home and all others?

Thank you. I look forward to your answers...

Mark Prime, with Love and Peace, Forgiveness and Laughter

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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