I am not trapped, I might appear to be walking into a "trouble", but being aware (instinctually) of what's coming is not exactly walking in unaware... I may not "know" the details, but I sure "know" the gist.

Now what?

(We continue to ignore you.)

What the hell for?

(The council.)

The council?

(You really don't know do you?)

Know what?

(You are the scribe of this story, dear child... They're waiting on you to awaken...)

...these are tears of joy, by the way...

They flow out of both eyes like a waterfall. They flow until my mind settles into my spirit. My soul’s being reworked, so to speak.

That might be worrisome to some, but when you’ve been ingesting the spirit of others unbeknownst to the self for your entire existence, it loses its worrisome coat and instead stays for a good and confident long while.


© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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