"It will be what is now in progression with the flow of our Exactness, our most pivotal and momentous question we can ask under the sun, what of now?"

They poured forth, then they began to feel like self-torture, a tragic story with a Heavenly ending, and backwards in our dance I tumble, righteously humbled! You see arrogance, I see God's plan unfolding in s known salvation, for when it is done, knowing will be synonymous with being, preferably in a state of quietude, not deadened echoes, but fresh pathways, not of gold pavements, but by God's engraving, not to his children's ignorantly willful enslavement! It's time to tell me...that I might begin in earnest.

Me with the echo of We for my consideration for me then truth mounts the terrain of God's face and Love's Heart(H), our (H)eartH. So be it, so has it been...

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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