We send our kids off to be educated because we're too damned busy being enslaved by corporate warlords without a lick of true goodness in their profits!

Starving children, and we pay a movie star, athlete, dancer, daredevil, artist, etc, millions to entertain us while children are being murdered for resources, while whole peoples are being slaughtered in the name of a deity! There are people selling people, raping people, enslaving people, terrorizing people, torturing people, abusing people, killing people.

People killing animals for trinkets! People taking and selling human organs for great monetary profit! People mocking the destitute! People being cruel to people!

End this human madness, cried the sun!

Cease the madness of over-consuming! Taking and taking until the source is left without a choice, but to cleanse itself...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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