Where I Am

Ground Zero's where I am wherever I am, sourced within.

I feel you, 
I sense your spirit in turmoil 
and in laughter, 
I sense your spirit now 
and ever after, 
let them come,
these changes of spirit, 
of thought, 
let them unfold 
and our dance 
will get underway 
with God.

Live, Love, Laugh...

When someone tells another what to "believe", this is not the sin, the sin takes place when the other believes them without due consideration.

We left him there. He waited.

(Do as he said they thought and they didn't.)

We left him there. He'd waited too long for us, so I thought I'd carry him away from his great suffering.

(He among so many personifications of Love and Kindness.)

We seem to carry Love and Peace like they're side-arms, concealed...

*Love retains its fullness having never been fully spoken. *Peace holds its tallness away from the shards of war. *Forgiveness keeps its rotation and *Laughter comes dancing. ~MP****

(I am more than just primate!)

Do tell?

(I am a vessel for spirit.)

Yes, primates aren't alone in their empathy. Primate's have better use for their reflections than loss or History's consumption of time.

History is the noose that tightens the rope around our necks. My! What an excellent knot! 


Slip! Whoosh! Snap!

(Due to the graphic nature of this post, adults are cautioned to keep all children clear of war...)

No more plans, enter...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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