This story is a short trip into madness... A long haul into our echo to stave off what's surely coming... 

The ridge line glimmered as the sun got dressed for the day-tripping across the universe. You'd have to be crazy to see it otherwise, perhaps it's just me? 

(Who's crazy?) 


(Join the club, Poetryman.)

Why me?

(Shit, boy! You know the answer to that weak kneed response!)

Why not?

(Eureka! The boy's catching on like hot cakes with peanut butter! In the wind, Scribbler, just relax and go in hot, brother, have that spirit of Love enter in with you and you're sure to find it a joy...) 

She is with Me. Think. 


The ridge line beat a trail into grooves, beams of light glancing off of the next command of God: you become pointless if you don't speak! But then the same might be said of your silence.

The chirp of night leaked down its angel's wings and there was laughter in the valley. I wasn't expecting God to answer when I knocked, imagine had I been?


-The Dance of Consciousness-

(Hope it's better than last year's Dance of Unconsciousness! I got stuck in the bathroom the whole night!)

Did you go to The Dance of Subconsciousness? 

(No. I knew when it was, but forgot all about it.)

Subconsciousness thus hidden, can and must and will be revealed if we are to save ourselves from the elevated reflection we have of ourselves, these tiny creatures squawking about votes instead of talking bout what's real, what's vital to our survival, what rings a bell, that holds us lovingly, all, bar not one, in flesh or in spirit, no damnation exists- Hey look! It's Heaven's Gate. It's why in the story of hell there's no gate, we can always checkout and leave, this ain't no Hotel California, this here's the scribe, affectionately known as Scribbler. At least I think it's affection that brings another to think such kind things. Circles are handy things, huh?

No need to be demeaning in your inability to speak of what I believe as much as what you believe your idea that belief resides outwardly along with God- See? Already hit a snag! Not five seconds it took to reveal the truth- God is also, always and evermore, within you...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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