Illogical Absolute

I see no point in our use if we don't take care of one another, if we don't cherish Home.

(Or if we don't worship God.)

Now you're just being redundant.

(God is not (H)earth or the collective, blasphemer!)

One spirit, God in all things, save for our destructive inventions, those are on us, much like war, theft, genocide, rape, starvation, pollution... all on us.

(When Jesus returns, all will be made well for believers.)

And now you're just being naive.

(Jesus is coming back for us, you Godless heathen!)

How am I Godless?



(You haven't asked God into your heart.)

I needn't ask. God is born within, never left. Any misuse of that truth shall be met by the swift recognition that the story is still unfolding in the constant flux and that any absolute is subject to change without notification.

(You're insane! Do you want to go to Hell?)

Hell's the absence of God, right?


Then hell doesn't exist.

(How did you figure that one?)

I didn't figure it, you did. You said hell is the absence of God.


If God is all things, Creator and Exactness, then the absence of God (hell) cannot logically exist.

(Logic? You're not supposed to question God's infallible wisdom.)

I wasn't questioning God's wisdom, I was questioning yours.


© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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