Maybe you didn’t see me?
Maybe the year's end,
The ghost’s on my trail,
Maybe more than I know?

What’s new ghosts?
Why are you wasting your time?
I’m not giving up or giving in,
I am giving it away, friends.

(You are a ghost of your former self.)

Have you found God, they asked?

I saw God walking within,
Thus I joined the conversation.

I asked them, have you found the Truth yet?

They screamed like a blind cat without milk,
You’re gonna burn forever!

I wept, then I laughed and replied,
I love you, but I do not like your belief’s suffering,
There’s too much of it, especially the eternal part.
It spills out into the streets,
Avenues of consumption, roadways of ends
Instead of new beginnings.

You think we won’t know?
Remember your words, change them,
but only after their truth swims within...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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