When dealing with others I believe we must express our own assembled truth and not these tired niceties, I mean please continue to be nice and cheerful as you can muster, but sometimes we need to have the debate, our evolving spirits and minds are thirsty for the truth... I say let's feed them before they too are grey under the chin... Wink wink nudge tickle and poke, playfully... it beats the hell out of War, thereby ending even a hint of its misshapen countenance... Truth. Mark Richard Prime, married to Fear, turned out to be Love, found Peace, not she. Why? Answer the riddle, but do not so quickly imagine your right because someone didn't check their sources before publishing words... stories which lead and led to war.

(What happened to humankind grandpa?)

It was given to us by you, my dear child, without saying a word, you led us out of the ashes, now we are prepared to begin again in the present tense.

(I love you, grandpa!)

And I, you, dear child...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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