Ego Centered

These events are pressing together like some deliriously delightful puzzle! These events are unfolding, I've just become aware of them.

We live the life we're given, and I mean that quite literally...

We (the collective superego) are intended to be the balance between these spiritual manifestations.

It's not a frightening thing if we learn to tame the Id and the ego, then the superego is free to choose from what it has learned in the balance of things... Sounds logical.

You're mainly dealing with the truth of the person my spirit became or the spirit my person became. I am. Then there's how to truly be yourself? Evolve was the answer, even to my surprise after having played the role of fool for so long, as it was written, to bring Me to scribe it further. We are but wee children in our ongoing (R)evolution...

The idea for me is to always remember that the ego, id and super-ego share one body that is the one that decides action and they all three make up the internal conversation that brings about the actions, which, in this example, are actually a reaction to the internal conversation, the one that indeed shapes our dreams...

Love is required of logic as much as it is of the spirit, but is there truly that much distance between the two? Love has no distance... Neither does Peace, Forgiveness and Laughter...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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