They say one can’t get to Heaven by deeds alone… Then why do our deeds stem from what we believe if they alone couldn’t lift the veil? The rest will fall into place. We will evolve spiritually and mentally and we are prepared, preparing, to remember this time around. Rejoice!
The truth has unfolded as it was intended. Not sure if my backslide entrance was fate, but I had a chance to retell my story, our story, as it turns out, so I took it, truly I had little choice in the matter. Some things are purposeful and some things are purposed, there’s a discernible difference…
Don’t be disappointed in me, remember, I am doing as directed, wink wink.
The balance has begun, coming into formation, the full breadth of equilibrium.
Patience, kind spirits, the drums of peace and forgiveness are beating…
We also need to understand that we too are capable of answering prayers.
Is a steward not a shepherd who keeps his flock safe from harm? Then the collective my friends is key. Imagine the manifestation from such an effort to change…to let go and go with as a whole and resist peace no more… I pray.
A lot of things become belief, we forget, they too will become our actuality when we believe them beyond doubt. Caution must be taken that you don’t create a hell that never was to have existed…
We had to go believing in it beyond doubt- wipe it from your fears, think only of Heavenly things..
I’m here to enter this speech, these words that stream their conscience to my thoughts, my fingers and tongue, my full Spirit, they are the key, these words that like a river do constantly pour out of me. I am. Do not forgo me, do not use my echo against me, not now, I have paid and am paying. All part of my journey, that I might awaken God within Me…
There’s a true echo hanging around, it’s as old as God, it is God, it is (H)eartH, is Home, is Love, is Forgiveness, is Heaven, is. Go with its flow…
© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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