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© 2015 Mark Richard Prime

What would be the purpose of my dance if it were not God that had my tongue? I say it would be pointless, empty of anything that might usher in Peace and Love. Now I know that through my role I've somehow created the personification of Forgiveness and I am set to earn his wings!

(Think you'd have them by now?)

Spiritual wings are massive pairs of the whole of Spirit, God's essence. Those wings of the flesh and bone may not be just yet, but fear not, wings we shall have!

(Not you, remember?)

Last is what I said, not left out. You wish, lovely spirit. No I shall gain my physical wings when all are saved from agonizing beliefs from my lifting them away and bringing actuality, truth, in its stead.

Now what say you?


Dear lovely spirit of flesh and bone lies told to circumvent the will of God... Better you had enough of your treachery, it will not be met without recourse...


You can't change the truth, but you can, without question, make your journey what you need it to be. I am.


All spirit is lovely, all vessels of spirit, not so much. We do not carry our truth with honor! We carry belief toward agony instead of truth toward salvation, we'd rather our stories!

Might we cease this noise and instead just be among all others in a peaceful and collective love kind of way, so when Forgiveness indeed does enter his way might be more evident?


We are all the same at our core, different only in our choices toward that same singular truth that has us thinking (praying) and that is never a bad thing, it's how our spirits evolve toward exactness...


(Who is the Devil?)

The collective fear is what manifests such characters in our beliefs. Fear not, problem solved. Extinguish your own devil and there will be none for you to convince another of its "name".



My reality and belief took a backseat to God's tongue. Exactnesses' tongue is as much God's as it is mine, as far as I am capable of discerning, and I'm not alone, of course. Yet, this idea that our realities don't jibe is not true, our "reality" is the same, it is our actualities that are different. Makes sense.


It's funny, but the voice within that unfolds without my willing it is the difference maker for me, and perhaps somewhat unnerving to some. Fear not, I am rising as Forgiveness...


Plant a garden, get some laying hens and a milki cow. Live in an apartment? Get involved in your local Farmer's Markets and buy your fruits and vegetables while the Market is open. It makes sense, if Walmart enters, let them know that they are to assimilate to you not the other way around. We are a cooperative not a corporation...


Do not tremble of death, find comfort that all will be Heavenly. The less one fears death, the more one reaps of Life now and now and now, Heaven. Then and now...


Seeking Truth or belief beyond doubt?

(Aren't they one in the same?)

Not yet.

(Then I seek truth.)

Wise choice my friend, very wise. Truth, and if all you seek is the truth, you'll find it, just imagine now, if you will, what you'll find in its stead if you do not...


I am not trapped here. If you believe I am, then you don't realize that I am free. Free, wavering spirit, free. Want to walk freely beside me and declare freedom as a movement that bows only as a brainwashed collective, I thought I'd declare myself free of all of this madness of agonizing bogeymen and eternal suffering! Or do we not see the truth for what it is and because of money and our inventions with it we've become reckless in our use of Home and Life.

The root of all evil is actually humankind, the inventors of profit over sound reason...


The inventor's are We!
Are you seeing it now?
I thought you might.
The truth, dear child, unfolds that you might interpret the actuality that has you in order to  scribe.
I know.
Without knowing?
No. Knowing.
What of belief then?
It too is unfolding. Now is the time to ask the questions of your beliefs, not of others, but those of your sovereign entity, yourself.

What say you, not your belief but your truth?


This is my truth unfolding, no more or no less than yours, thing is, so am I, unfolding, beast and God, God in beast, beast in God. Manifest!


When I point out a painful truth, it is never with disregard of our particular answer formulated from due consideration. Consideration, my beautiful friends is overdue! Smile and begin to have a conversation with Me, the flip side to your belief... Truth~Mark R. Prime



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© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


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