You cannot have your book and expect that that alone will reverse the course of your beliefs... Let them go... all... save for the Truth...



God, I Love my Father, my Mother, My Sister, My Brother, my Ucle and Aunt, my Cousins, my Wife, Love, oh Child I Love you most of all! Oh, God, I only Love you when the world, your Creation is at Peace, let this, I pray be done that We might join Me in celebration of the long awaited Truth! Truth, that I may suffer no more! I Forgive, I Laugh as the one True Peace as the Scribe of this Journey... Oh! Dear God, I pray for my collective family...MARKRICHARDPRIME and MichelleWardDPrime, the collective of Family, One! All! One...


Jesus commanded only that you love. Nothing's changed, save for your man over my shoulders to a collective truth and without any instruments of suffering in the least... It is, I am.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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