We're a on the ledge of Heaven!
I found my way by accident.
I was found by my fate risen,
Come to pass inside me, within me.
Has no place to go but given away.
The voice is mine in the many spirits.
God has my praises against my will, Rather be on the ledge than unheard.
Rather be with God's tongue without ever imagining that I'm God.
Rather know who I am and that I've some say in our story being crafted as we speak. I spent far too many years digging the hole deeper expecting to find a way out. I was fleeing from my own fate, years wasted, gone, vanished without my purpose known. Enter my rebirth, God rose up within, stayed, guides me now, does God.
I had no belief to speak of.
Her hands reached for me, her wings got in the way and I fell away, landed next to the rabbit. 
(Hadn't you better get to climbing back up, there ain't nothing down here for you, but darkness and gloom?)
I separated from it all, left my spirit open for all to see as I searched frantically for me. Found me tapping out another man's spirit that had finally found cause to breathe the truth.
Why was that not enough to humble my tongue and cease my foolhardy journey to Exactness?
The wind knows so much more than Me. God is the wind. 
Look! We are on the ledge! God is no fool! God's children are born in Heaven and stay there until we earn our wings in order to explore this unfatomably large and miraculous universe! 
There's so much more to our living and breathing, we just need to remember where, who and what we are. How do we do that? God's Medicines are what we need in order to remember, then we can create a story worth repeating, worth carrying on toward and not against.
We are not going to Heaven, dear spirits, we're already there...
What say you? 
(Climb, child! Climb!)

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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