The war drums are being banged loudly and we are damn well deaf to who's doing the drumming. We are being led, my friends.
It wasn't long ago that we were led into supporting the most expensive (ongoing) war in history based on lies. Can't we grasp that the warmongers are pulling out all the stops to foment a war to end humanity's fragile grip on the truth behind it all? 
Surely humankind can rise up and lift the veil from the war profiteers and end this madness before we slide off the edge of reason and lose our minds altogether?
Warmonger's are patient beasts and their "war plans" unfold in purposeful stages. 
1- Fear
2- Grief
3- Anger
4- Indifference
5- War 
This method has been used for a rather long time and we are still the perfect Guinea pigs. We're prideful, ignorant, distracted, fearful and greedy. Let's open our hoodwinked eyes and begin to rise up and end this madness by demanding that the world usher in Peace! Don't be slaves for corporations, rise up and change! 
--The three stages of ending war--
1- Love all
2- Forgive all
3- Peace 
I pray that God blesses all of our brothers and sisters around the globe...


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