Grief's Process

When parents lose a child they lose an actual part of the actual living Spirit. It is these same children that if we believed as much in ourselves as they believed in us, we'd know why losing them resonates through us with a ferocity that stays. Tame the ferocity for the memory of the child in due time and there is no rule on grief's process,
not metaphorically, literally.

They remain as spiritual hosts and we won't forget them, that would be most tragic, even more so than the tragedy of our missing their spirit they left for us to cherish and find joy within the thoughts of them. Summon them within you, they are a most vital part to your spirit.

The spirit's, my dear friends, are with us within. We can converse with their spirits, with them, these smiling cherubs praying we'll hear them calling to us from the air of Heaven.

Heed the echo of all living things! Heed Life's Breathing!

(Where'd you imagine you were in the echo of your tenure, a disposable Heaven? Fools, the whole of you!)

Fools, spirit? We do not know what, why, who and where we are. Hasn't enough "time" passed for us by now that we should have known these things? It's long overdue, our dance with the truth.

God bless those grieving for their children, remind them of their spirit within. I pray they find comfort in the truth of our reflections of them, in honor of them. Honor them.

~Mark R. Prime


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