Happy I am that next one, I am he. I am. Me. Come walk along with me, I know where this path is going… Mark Prime… or whoever you want me to be, but silent about what is pouring through my every fiber. I am the next one... The next to try and second guess God. Damn it! I am a marionette for my own sake!

See God has my spirit, my friends, despite who lingers behind the curtain... Savior? Not quite yet. If I am to be a better savior than the last, God said, you'll have to tell a better story, otherwise it'll be both hell and Heaven. So I did the only thing I could have done, was tell the better story, so I chose the story of my truth, or should I say I waited and then changed, just in time to latch on to the final thread of truth. I chose my story to be the truth, long ago, yes, but now it's ever present to the person I am today, now. 

I've thrown what little caution I had to the wind, that's about the same time that fear latched on to my feet and began to walk and talk with the truth upon my tongue, but in truth, a mess of the return of memory had me stumbling. I no longer tumble, I have the final thread of our truth on earth and I am coming about. I ask that you greet me smiling, that we might come into ourselves simultaneously and greet one another with kindness. KINDness.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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