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(H)eartH and Skies

The (H)eartH and Skies are the wonderment of Creation, and the Heavens of Exactness.

Now and now and now Life utters its speech, flutters its truth.

Seen and heard, known by all, the language born within.

The sun brings warmth down upon us without fail, while the light of all the great and many stars are a radiant feast upon the original altar.

The sunrise is the recurring birth to life's symphony and the sunset is nature's lullaby bowing to the grace of dreams.

Creation moves forth in the constant fluctuation of all things, its course, the never ending revelation of kinship.

The vibration that runs through all, the breath of all things as the imperfect perfection, the breathing testimony of Creation, great and small. 

The voices of exactness are a chorus of angels with wings bent upon the Heart(H), a shade tree, a lush valley, a brook for our thirst,  "all is going to be okay" its moving echo.

The original altar is sacred evermore, we, its trusted and humbly righteous caretakers.

Water is (H)eartH's life affirming nectar, the air, our breath, the soil, a cushion for love's seeds... cherishment, laughter, satisfaction.

Remember them as our gifts, for in remembrance comes our duty and our reward, the circle of life.

We must always recall such great fortune and never imagine ownership outside of our individual shells. 

So be it...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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RED SOUND Head-Line Verse

Red's the sound of murder
Blue's the sound of mourning
Yellow, pinstriped cowardice
Tapping toes, a distraction
Rage, the news attraction
Pure gold, rating's satisfaction The sound of murder is red
Blue's next ~ HATE CRIME REPORTS SURGE IN BRITAIN... "Hate is caused by Fear
Fear is caused by Hate
They feed off one another
End both, end all Wars.
Cease both, Heaven arises." Hate, are you Fear's second cousin? (First cousin.) Are you two close? (BFF's!) ~ ISIS CLAIMS 40 LIVES AT SHIITE SHRINE...
How many more are to be lifted before We rise up? (We need rise up just to get a headcount of those murdered.) It would be far too painful, sorrow comes from the actions of the murderer, the victims draw upon our grief...


The rising began and begins from deep within our being, then it brings the collective to an agreement; freedom is free. We are to follow its example and free ourselves from being a slave to “things”. To truly be free, We must agree that freedom is truly for the whole of humankind, for if one is enslaved, so shall We all be…

© 2016 Mark Richard Prime


Bangladesh Attack Suggests Shift by ISIS as It Loses Territory

The shift is most felt after there are no other alternatives but to believe in something beyond doubt that you cannot possibly know in the unfolding of truth. Truth's unknown until it unfolds.

Don't detonate rage,
set off Love,
assemble Peace,
let War fall away,
erase it of its monstrous use.

Marijuana Compound Removes Alzheimer’s-Related Protein From Nerve Cells

The news is delightful coming out about the myriad of benefits that cannabis offers to humankind and to the (H)eartH.

This news is not for those who have had a heavy hand in keeping the medicine away from its rightful heirs, humankind. Those guilty of deception probably find this news more alarming than joyful.

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To what benefit? Consumption?
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