The revolution is upon us, within our evolving spirit!

Oh! Let us rise up and show them that we are free!

Let us not be ashamed of our kinship to all of Life!

Let us be saviors to our enslaved brothers and sisters!

Let us be the goodness we seek from our births!

Let us prove who we are by our loving actions!

Be Love! Be Peace! Be Forgiveness!

Let us show mercy after the chains have come off!

Let us anoint the (H)eartH with goodness!

Let us move across the floor of Heaven as angels of mercy!

For in truth it is our duty to Life- while those who deem themselves masters of a monstrous consumption shall find themselves without escape! 

We are to be Love and Peace makers! We are to face the weight of our allowances and then we are to subdue the slave masters and free ourselves and all others from our fledgling creation of Hell! 

Heaven now! Now! Now! Now!

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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