Let's not get all swept up in the media storms that bombard us with misinformation intended to divide us.

I am becoming adept at navigating the circle that we all traverse in this lifetime. It is a circle and we will find ourselves either making a mad dash to cover up our dreadful ignorance, or we will get in front of it and come clean with ourselves and begin to live, love and laugh with all of our fellow brothers and sisters around the world (the circle).

Let us do this together, if we don't then we are not thinking clearly and missing the point altogether. We have enough on our plate without falling for the corporate media's charade which will only prove that we have been fooled and that we are fools, the lot of us.

Everything exists on a circle and comes back to us. I am/was the poster child for bad karma and I know only too well that the circle will come back to us, to all. We needn't make it worse by jumping in the midst of the charade that moves around the circle of our own creation by falling hook, line and sinker for the agenda set out by those who could care less about we the people of (H)eartH. 

I know without knowing, therefore I have the great fortune of making things right in our unfolding story without causing any pain for anyone but myself. It is how this story works, my friends... forgiveness.

Whenever we decide that the truth is more important than the charade, we, as a collective, will begin to trust in one another and then we can get down to the business of fixing our brokenness and ushering in a story worth repeating...

© August 31, 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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