While we continue to subsist let us create things that reflect a cherishment of Home and of all Life. Make it a celebratory creation. Make it worth repeating, not some gadget or plastic thing.

For my family, all, for my grandsons, I will create a better tomorrow, not a memory, but a present that they might cherish. 

It is so incredibly simple. What on (H)eartH must we have been thinking with our over-consumption, our impractical inventions, our virulent rage from having forgotten our kinship to all things?

I may not have been there for my children or Michelle, but I'll be damned if I don't create/do something worthy for all! 

(You can't make up for it, Scribbler! It was too long ago to do anything about it now, I mean you're no longer a spring chicken...)

Malarkey! I'm not trying to make up for my past, I'm trying to do what I should have done all of my life! I should have remembered who, what and why!

The where is Heavenly Home.
The who is a child born of Exactness.
The what is a steward earning his wings.
The why is being written now.  

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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