Now… here’s the irony- 

****”Excessive alcohol use is a leading cause of preventable death. This dangerous behavior accounted for approximately 88,000 deaths per year from 2006–2010, and accounted for 1 in 10 deaths among working-age adults aged 20–64 years. Excessive alcohol use shortened the lives of those who died by about 30 years. These deaths were due to health effects from drinking too much over time, such as breast cancer, liver disease, and heart disease, and health effects from consuming a large amount of alcohol in a short period of time, such as violence, alcohol poisoning, and motor vehicle crashes.

A study, published in Preventing Chronic Disease, found that nearly 70% of deaths due to excessive drinking involved working-age adults, and about 70% of the deaths involved males. The study also found that about 5% of the deaths involved people younger than age 21.

The impact of these deaths affects the nation’s economy and the sustainability of families. Excessive drinking cost the United States about $224 billion, or $1.90 per drink, in 2006, and about 40% of these costs were paid by government. Most of these costs were due to lost productivity, including reduced earnings among excessive drinkers as well as deaths due to excessive drinking among working age adults.” ****

(****4 x 88,000 = 352,000 deaths in four years…****)


In the commercial there is a shot of a little redheaded girl who is too young to understand why everyone is clapping, and it is her palpable confusion that struck me the hardest. It is the one truth that I found within the commercial- many of those clapping failed to understand, perhaps even the Warriors being applauded failed to grasp the truth, especially those that witnessed or participated in the unspeakable. War is not for children to understand, it’s an adult thing, right?
To further the irony, many believe that they are protecting the children from witnessing such horrors on their own shores (truly an awful reality brought forth by war), but the very implementation of war by “our corporation’s”, who stand to profit greatly from the warrior’s sacrifice, could care less how many truly understand, as a matter of fact, they’d rather them be like the little girl, it protects their bottom line.

Those profiting from such an abomination as war depend on the confusion regarding the why and the who, and even the where. The same, ironically enough, can be said of the truth behind alcohol’s deadly reality.

I do not disparage the warrior, I know several, I’m speaking of those profiting off of We the People’s ignorance, willful or otherwise. I truly wish the people of the world were like the little girl in the commercial, we could end war today, if this were the case, but alas, it is not.
I had an uncle who served on a recovery helicopter during the Vietnam War and he never spoke of it, I’m sure he would have rather not spoken of such horrors. (Cancer took him many years ago, God rest his soul.)

And with his silence on the matter there lies an unspoken truth- We must begin now to speak of war. Let us have it out, release ourselves of its reality, reveal the ugly truth to our overwrought sensibilities! No more this shadow upon the talon’s of battle, let us get to truly sense our collusion toward “our corporation’s” sacrificing of we lambs, then and only then may we understand the burgeoning horrors of godawful war and the greed and deceit behind them all, bar none.
Shame on you Budweiser, what godawful hypocrites to profit from two of the most deadly drugs on the planet, alcohol and fear! The main thing I found in the commercial that truly upset me… your use of a child as a prop for patriotic madness!


Truly, I say to you, unless you turn and become like children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.” Book of Matthew

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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