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Reality Plus Belief

I pray for the collective, I pray for all.


Because they pray for me.

(Perhaps, but what do they pray of you?)

I don’t know exactly, but I believe it beyond doubt that it's a prayer of kindness.

(Are you delusional?)

No. I fused them together, Reality and Belief and created my actuality.

(Your actuality, no one else.)



I am with We and I am Me, hard to miss the truth when you dance backwards around the circle, inquisitive spirit.

(What if our reality doesn’t match your actuality?)

Belief, it’s a handy tool for just such a reversal of fortune.

(Just any belief?)

No, mine, if I am to bring your reality into my actuality. Another fusing of two.

(What does the marriage of our Reality and your Actuality look like, Scribe?)

I was hoping that you could tell Me so that We could begin our transformation…

(You want Me to tell you what to believe or what to know?)

I want you to tell yourself to believe in them, to believe in my union with God.

(But I don’t believe that God is speaking through you.)

That’s what you believe of Me, now what do I believe of Me?

(I believe that you’re cracked in the head, but you “believe” you’re channeling God.)

One doesn’t channel God, God speaks from inside to out. I believe that Exactness has my tongue, my hands, my mind and my spirit, all from within.

(Like I said, you’re cracked.)

Something certainly has your tongue.


Whose truth?

(Ours, Scribe. Ours.)

Actuality. Good to see you're coming around to my thinking. The actuality is that truth is collective, belief, not so much. What to do then? I say marry reality to actuality, become what We are. See?

(Kind of…)

Good. It’s a kind of a start, better than no start at all…


© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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