Pride goeth before the fall, my brothers. That's the truth of the matter that I believe I just witnessed in this video. 

I believe that the "knowledge" of the man called Jesus Christ as it is written in the bible, or any other book, is one thing, but the One Truth, my brethren, is another matter entirely. 

I believe Creation's story resides within the constant flux, as do all things, including we humans, so our story, logically speaking, has yet to be fully written. I humbly believe the story is meant to continue, not end or come again or be pridefully extinguished. It is now that we are to continue "creating" a story worth repeating,  not then, now and now and now.

I could be wrong, of that I've not one doubt, I say with a humble righteousness. 

I pray we, humankind, begin to converse of the possibilities and leave the absolutes out of it, we'll thank God we did.

Peace and Love

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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