Prehistoric Vote

Voting is the dinosaur. 

We keep doing the same thing every (s)election cycle, and, with 24/7 "news", an election cycle is 364 days longer than a politician can keep his or her "promises". And, yes, Trump is a politician worth 15 billion. But if Trump is (s)elected to be the next "puppet" to continue to divide us, "politically correct" or not, pun intended, then nothing changes, save for the letter (D or R (and/or I) associated with the "puppet". 

We the People, brothers and sisters all, are being divided by those who continue to pull the strings as we imagine our (s)electoral process makes even a smidgen of an actual difference as to "who" or "what" is  the next marionette in chief... 

Let's put an end to this destructive cycle and our willful participation in our own enslavement by those that profit greatly from our divisions and our ignorance before We the People become extinct...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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