Donald Trump is a puppet. Money and might are the strings. Listen closely to the media's "curiosity", notice "their questions" leading, quite literally, to "his answers". Heed his overly prideful bluster, sense his anxiousness, his narcissistic fervor for war and the building of walls.

Now, forget "who" "Trump is and focus on the virulent intentions of the strings that hold him up, that bend his limbs and vibrate his thoughts into their bidding.

Now, do this for each and every candidate, any and all of them, for they are to be no different than "Trump" according to the strings that dangle them before us in an awkward dance meant to entertain us, numb us to the "truth".

Now, find the "strings" and snip their tether, then watch as the marionette's collapse into an indistinguishable heap of talking heads. Take notice then which two brands the freshly snipped strings attempt to lift up as "hero" , then snip the strings again, leaving just enough so that the puppet masters are forced to reveal themselves. If none are found, or none are revealed, then the enslaved puppets AND the unwitting puppet masters are one in the same.

If it is the latter, change. If it is the former, change.

No more strings, then our great change will be actual freedom... Now.

Love and Peace 💚✌️

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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