Mercy's Arrival!

Israel, the day has arrived for your echo into a silence so profound that you will fall to your knees with shuddering grief for your crimes against the Palestinian People's! 

The children will forgive you when they hear you crying out for mercy, and forgiveness shall come, but only after the much needed lesson has been engraved on your consciousness! After the truth is etched deep within your spirit! Shame on you, Israel! 

It is time for the Jewish people to damn well rise up against your government!  Rise up now and end the despicable genocide of the Palestinian people's, end the great suffering of God's children! 

Israeli government, Netanyahu and your henchmen, if you do not end your abhorrent cruelty, if you do not end your genocide and murder with great swiftness, God will deliver them from your despicable grasp with a swiftness that you will not soon forget!


© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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