Belief + Reality = Actuality

We humans are believers by default, I mean, truly, what choice did/do we have as to our "thoughts" of "why", "who", "what" "where" and even "when"? 

So, if our "system" of "belief" was/is inevitable and a natural part of our "thought" process, then our use of such is rather important to our subsistence. Our "beliefs", especially those that carry great weight in our survival, logically need/should be nearer to reality than fantasy in order to stave off our prideful and stubborn absolutes" that have us imagining we "know" anything of what comes after we "shuffle off this mortal coil" and that have us acting in ways that do not advance our current state of humanity toward Home, the provider of all we need, and that has us disregarding our kinship of one another. 

Yes, our systems of belief AND our systems of reality need be sustainable, nearer to the "truth". Whew... I suppose then, that between our inevitable "belief(s)" and our palpable "reality" is the place we need focus, I call this "in between" our "actuality" and it is where we now need/should find ourselves, in the midst of finding a balance.


Make our actuality loving and peaceful, make it so, then let the chips fall where they may, so to speak. It makes more sense than going to war over the great and mysterious unknown or unknowable. Let's make our belief systems ALL inclusive, it'll then be well worth repeating in such a forgiving atmosphere... 

Love 💚 and Peace ✌️

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime


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