Speed, Heights & Landfall

There is no actual location called Hell. "Think" is not an elective, it's a perquisite! See, the gaping wound we unwittingly and blindly puncture through our inability to Love in its fullness, you never were designed for such speeds and such heights, we're getting there, just have a few more things we'll need in order for Exactness to make landfall.


Thirsty? How about some refreshing water?

(Don't like water.)

It's tainted you fool! You'd actually love the taste of water, it's mostly what your shell consists of, from water.

(Don't like tainted water, love me some tea though. A good cup of coffee with some creamer, a hot and fresh peanut-butter cookie, a-)

-Who let this guy out of the asylum?-

-He's not out, he's staying in it on purpose. Crazy fool!-

-I kind of like him, he's unusual, ya know?-

-Not to hear him tell the story, he's the least of thee, genius when you think about it.-

(I don't think about it.)


-think he heard us?-

-of course he heard us, You idiot!-

-I think he heard us.-

-Shut up!-

-Yip, he heard us alright!-

(Water is what we're comprised of, cherish it...)


Love and Peace

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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