Haven't we all?

Haven't we all been becoming something? Haven't we all been evolving, so to speak? I think it is so, but I do not know, therefore I can only surmise of this possibility. Some of us, well I can only speak for myself, I have undergone a rather profound spiritual evolution, as though my body were a sounding board for the true spirit of an exactness so profound in its roaring speech that I am mesmerized by what it speaks through me. I am we, so who is me?

(That rat bastard's the anti-Christ I tell ya!)

I am anti-nothing, Jesus is with Me, he is resting from his long suffering. Jesus is not the only one in Me, there are many. I do not negate while manifesting, pro-active in my approach. "Anti-" is all said and done, such lies were told of an agonizing place, a chamber of inexplicable suffering! Shame on our fear of the unknown. Beneath our feet is the logical place to begin. Let's manifest Heaven, not some lie.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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