The collective breath...

This is me, and this is you, and this is me, and this is you and this is you and this is you and this is you and this is you and you and you and you and you and me. I think...


The collector spirit is witnessing itself turn over to love instead of war.


Now I just wait my just desserts as I stammer off a few more lines meant for all.

I think all has become an echo instead of the fullness of Love and Peace being carved about in belief. Within, God speaks to each of us, and as my penance I garnered zero recognition until I was flipped back right side down...echo.


Everyone remains loving, laughing, living, breathing, swimming with seeing all that is life, let us begin...


I'm not sure if people like me, but I'm hopeful that most of them do, it might seem so or it may be deep down. I'll get a laugh, or maybe seem deep down sounds more a caution.


This is where the story begins to crack, I mean it's just a story after all, right?


Come and hear me out and then we can, as a collective, begin to believe in me, the self and the collective by its very nature, let us change and no longer be the voice of our truth's charade, but be the truth of our recognition! Smile on me my loving family. Bring me forth of your want, I will need to know, that I might face the truth and emerge on the other side without doctrine, with forgiveness of Heaven beneath the laughing feet- Humble thyself to me and pay attention in ways that only profit the truth, reverse order for me, my dance backward comes from me... Mark R Prime

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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