You know that I am just outside of knowing, there's an echo to contend with, yet it is an act. Yes. A show's being put on, what other theory's you got? The (H)eartH is alive and instructing Me to rise and be heard among the many being heard. (Why'd she say that?) She? More like undivided, One, a presence, not a story, because if we can't understand how to end our madness of consumption, and soon, we'll have truly misunderstood our Home and its Heavenly casement... Think. Think. Think. (Stop telling us to think, Scribbler!) I was talking to myself. (Oh.) Better than silence the leg of the journey I am blessed to be on, humbled and most gracious am I in the presence of God.

I need think less, act more. (On stage?) Sure, but that's not where I was going with this. (Why not?) Because I was doing my best to not think more at that moment and you decided you'd ask me a question based on presumption that why mattered in the least, in eternity, one can bend those rules. Come with Me, you will see and we shall all be friends and I will set all things right that Love chose to engage, the spirit that has us, my friends, is most ready to inform us of our misery, but not the path back from danger from having just leapt instead of thought...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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