Let us remember, spirit, the time has come, it is not something we can avoid.
Come walk along beside Me, We could certainly use some air.

Let us drink nature's water, not humankind's unnatural experiment. Fools.
Let us put our hand and feet in the soil and celebrate our Heaven's tallness.
Let Me honor the vows where no deceit has been done against the truth as I knew and saw it.
I divorce myself from all man-made laws and rules and institutions, all of them!

I am wed to humankind by my very nature, beholden to myself and those vows taken with the truth already known. The other way around is not a vow, it is entrapment. Period. I shall rise beyond such foolishness as plans hatched for and against these words that pour forth from Mark Richard Prime's union with only the honest side of Love, not the pile of plans concocted long before awareness came to Me. That union is soured and can only be sweetened by divulging the full truth and nothing but the truth, so help Me, God.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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