13. Some say that there will always be wars, to which I say, then hell will always exist in our consciousness and we will create it by its very presence over and over again until we realize that War is indeed Hell, no one in their right mind would want to ignore that truth. Forget agony, let’s create Heaven with what we are given and what we can contribute, shall we?

14. These thoughts that slide in and out are silent, silent being not out loud, yet spiritually audible, they are within, like a trail made of blood, they lead to and from, let us walk away in Peace and make a trail back to kinship with all things…

15. Unlucky isn't something that truly exists, I mean, it doesn't exist if destiny is real. If destiny is not a real thing, that would be most unfortunate to our excuses for not having acted toward the causes of our suffering instead of being sold a bill of expired goods, rendering them no-good at all, therefore an oxymoron arises in expired goods.

16. Pray.

17. Remember.

18. Pray.

19. Remember.

20. Be.

21. Breathe.

22. Remember.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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