I left a trail of spirit to trace our way back, if going forward begins to feel backwards in the direction we happen to be going around the circle. It is worthy of our focus to assure that Peace and Love together are firmly in front of the revolution already under way...

We are legion, we are strong, we are peacemakers and love-makers, the balance between Truth and Belief. Since we don't/didn't know the truth yet to the Scribe's place in the story, it is best to see it as Actuality.

Can't beat `em? Create a better story, one without Hell. A story whose free-flow and method, tells Me it's moving forward with my thinking. No wonder you've kept me under wraps. No telling what you're up against and you think I don't stand a chance? I do stand a very good chance in this story, it is ours and we are all angels hovering upon Heaven's floor, Home away from Home. It's genius in its invisibilty is deciet. I've got an instinct for that.

Rat a tat tat...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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