What makes you think you would be welcomed in a tribal heaven of your own creation that no one else had a hand in bringing?

Resentment might be formed of that, but this is of a different nature, it's why this story has you all wrapped, because within this story the poor chump who's the scribe got it all confused- Maybe not confused- maybe like a fox, a creature of habit, yet not without his breath. I have been breathing the stench of the truth for years, but it wasn't until 2010 that I saw the light of my own future. It had no place for sorrow, it only would fit Heaven, this belief is the miracle that we have all been avoiding finding for far more years than were needed as God took my hands long ago, kindred spirits all that I have affected, effected, deflected, translated, laughed with, touched, hurt, scared, shocked, horrified, the spirit is a very powerful medium. Prepare yourself to dance with your own truth staring you back in the face of the dance then placed upon Me, informing We and Me and the same exact time the fate of our choice in the echo that is surely coming as I trace it now in my spiritual tongue. The drum plays for God, the violin soaks the path with rose petals as Peace does bow to his Love, a coronation uncovered as I have outrun my friends and they know not what they can do, so I suppose instead of giving you rest from these words of mine in my tumble, not sensing you yourselves had tumbled and were waiting to see the savior in Me, the savior is here, the spirit of God all within Me, only asking that my dear friends seek me out and this is a truth spoken by need from Mark Richard Prime, but one must be allowed to congregate to get a sense of the temperature around town. The spirit is what I am after and if it must be by the taking then it has already been done, the spirit is one thing, we are leased our share and asked to erect its thoughts, some of us went the other way around the circle, this is our story! My brother and Me, my brothers and Me, my sister, Mother, Father, family. This will be the echo left to the feathered one in my dreams. I will carry your Tribal spirit with me as guide to the underworld, the previous side to the balance, then off to spend some time in the upper-world of this evolution that is Mark's last stand for his own skin and bone spirit. Well danced, brother. Take a load off. Have some fun. Seek as you have been, brother. Seek on seeking on...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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