The Signs of God's Existence - Be

All this talk of the purpose of our existence is nothing more than a waste of good energy We should be creating a Heaven, not dreaming of one! The existence of God/Truth/Creation is irrelevant if we do not act toward Home and one another with great reverence... Something exists in order for us to be having this conversation. Something exists in order for us to have form. Something exists without our willing it, or should I say, without our knowing it is of our will. Sounds impossible, yet at the same time, it sounds quite relevant to now. Now is THE moment. Now counts more than we know, certainly more than our unreasonable reaction to what we "believe" we know. Home is to be cherished. It is an absolute truth that is most beneficial to us, care for Home and Life, be kind, cherish such fortune smiling on us from our unknown. Unknown, yet genius in its familiarity. Live, Love, Laugh! Simple. Breathe...
© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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