REMIX: Necessarily Measured Time

Reality is now bending to belief
Has bent, is bending- (Get a motel room!)

(Brief silence...) Love, and this, my reality, is shaping my never-end, always with a loving confidence go I, not knowing now, not quite familiar with now, but adapting and adopting, revelation, manifestation, goodness of the spirit, it is the best way to NOT make a mistake.

(Love…) (Brief silence...)

Yes, my dear, what is your need? Does it summon you through me or does it summon me through you, it is a circle, so I would conclude that it doesn't matter if needs are met, the future's coming without brakes... It's absurd, let's fix this mess by slowing down.

Time isn't necessarily measured the way we human’s can comprehend the full scope, the breadth of what it means to be eternal. Time isn't a measurement, it is an idea. Even though it may not be so in what we imagine as our reality, isn't time, in and of itself, immeasurable since an end cannot exist in eternity? It may or may not be for us individually, but collectively, our accepted reality has implications. Let’s make sure that they are repercussions that echo with the fullness of Love...

Time, I believe, is immeasurable. If it’s not, pray tell when it ends?

(It doesn't, not in the way that you've imagined, but in the way that Love has summoned.)







© 2012 the spirit of Love dancing through Mark Richard Prime

The remix brought to you by the finely and fine-feathered, and a special appearance by the Love Tribe... Bless you all, Love and Peace let us cross paths and begin the crafting of our story...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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