None shall pass!

It's been bloody over now for years, Monty! How much blood can one man lose and still live, by this example, I'm sure glad we’re not too hard pressed to find the King among the fallen. Those just awakening to who I was born to be, and most of all Me! King of his own scribbled belief! Hallelujah! Praise Creation! Oh these things are enough to keep me awake at night.

None shall pass!

It’s been done now for years, bleed on someone else for awhile! Can I get you anything before I saunter on?

A drink of water.


Any brandy?


Shame, after what I've been through.


Better `n brandy!

Yip. But, as we were traversing... here you shall not have shadows visit upon you, I am not a shadow… I am. I am our comeuppance at a glance in the echo that follows our steps. I'm like a giega-counter, or some such contraption, I'm red-lining on God on the giddy up in our dance!

Let’s dance! You think I am not most ready? Now is the moment, but which one tethers me, I can never tell, just not enough yet, or soon, or will it ever, enough of thoughts of not, best to be cribs made of your hopes, tiny yeses made up of your acknowledgement of Home as most precious, life, all life is precious as it is part of the One Exactness unfolding, the veil is lifting. Become aware of, not in fear of, rise above the noise and let us learn what we have been instructed to do. I am about to go off the web and get lost in the intrigue of my own story, more tumbledown than plan, more result than gamble, more right than wrong, more spiritual, less religion, more God, less Fear. All Love, no hate, more or less to God of and for God, by and from God, I pledge to all things to be held sacred to Mark Richard Prime-

(-not God, but givin’ God an earful, when is he goin’ tag it stricked by lightenin’ through tha top o his skull!)

Whoah, Clementine. You might have had a few too many to drink. Love needs her rest, Peace has much updating results from the plans unknown by him, they will and must come to light to His entrance, if I never know it, it dies, and that is not going to happen. Non sequitur. (Non sequitur.) There. Ouch.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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