This post is going to be long and meaningful. Rated NC17 or some such silliness. The truth comes in many colors and languages, but the words we deem foul are no more than put together, and those things we've wedged into a standing position like corpses leaning against a wall, half dangle, half tumble down when the time is ripe like spring.

(Did somebody say springtime?)

5, 4, 3, 2, 1...

We persist, despite the odds, physically and spiritually, God has always taken notice of that. I need little help in getting into a jam, so I thought it was time to show you how to stay out of ever having ever found himself in. This is to you few, who know, may we always dance in the known, before we ever again create a hell out of the things we're given...

Long... Now meaningful... Love and Peace are conjoined twins of spirit, born over two years apart, a union of spirit ling before the silliness of humankind's expectation and Love's Peace being resuscitated. Up for air, breathe, love, breathe, peace, breathe, God, exhale, peace, exhale love, exhale air, God.

A circle is miraculous, it is ever-changing, dreaming on the edge, a whiff of flower, a green of bloom, a sight unseen and a sight for soar eyes, Home is where the HeartH is, established without ownership, but a share of all of that which is God's, sight and sound, feel and sense, imagine and dream, believe and know, live, love, laugh- now is better than then or later. What do you say. Shall we fine-feathered all?

(Hours later, they are shoulder to shoulder, all races, colors, creeds, all knowing equals, a share in the truth of why we are hear, with Heaven beneath our feet if not to do something unheard of, even unheard of to Me! It was utter genius, God, that set this in motion we've little doubt. (Awfully sure of yourself, Scribbler...) Yes. Of that there is little doubt, understood by me as the first time I heard tht particular truth dash through my fingers, I welcome the truth behind Love's glance, the doom is not in the story, the Heaven is and is, it is. Is rings a bell. It should, reason is not for sale.

How's that for a truth as tag-line. (What?) This truth. Mark Richard Prime has found himself in Heaven, lucky for him since he had so much dancing to do, ust to wind up on top and ready to serve the whole of humankind as comeuppance for my shortcomings in never having known who I was...


There, there, child. Do not cry, dear one, Love and Peace have entrance coming, together, a force to be reckoned with, this time at the slant that is mine to render of the story, cause I am set to join you in this get ready to dance party! I can imagine it, soon to know the very event to which I speak of. Coming in slow, back entrance, well lit valley, a giant, a man, boom boom...

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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