(Are you saying God is ours to create?)

Not ours, lent.

(God gave himself over to us?)

Look around you, the question is rhetorical.

The strength is found in what we do with our spirits, the deeds we sling in the name of God are deplorable acts of cowardice.
God is not War. I am and I say only Peace in Me is in this story, for after all, brother, we all are kin to one another like Peace and War, and I cannot lay a hand on another in violence, but my tongue and my song will feel as if you've been beaten into submission and the warrior idea's removed after such a time as Peace overwhelms them. I do understand. It's not a matter of ignorance. One. God. Peace. Love. A circle, not a square, a kindness, fresh air, peace, not war, open, not shut, ready, not unprepared, aging not decomposing, becoming something desired of God in the offing, but now, well this now, loving friend, is ours to shape, ours to be Kings and Queens of the God-lent Kingdom!

I do not denigrate the "warrior spirit", that particular spirit got a bad rap like the wolf is seen in our stories, this noble and beautiful prowler sacrifices his howl for hunting in our fearful view, not unlike we ignorant beasts never paying attention to something new being unfolding as if a gift. Open your arms to this story unfolding and as peacemaker and peacekeeper, we, the collective, shall remain aloft.
You are within Me is a revelation of now's delight. The idea of living in the now, all that surrounds you you evolve into the story, so to speak. I am evolving you along with Me, God I pray to be such a thing because in this realm we are Home, in the next we are where we are, it matters least when compared to now! Reality meets Actuality! More on the Evening News with 10 at Now! Now we return you to your song and dance on your television screens and your electronic hands motioning to one another in the mist of industry.

© 2015 Mark Richard Prime, I am.


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